Praise for SPAN 300

Comments from past students

Spring 2020

The course increased my knowledge of Hispanic literature.

Online instruction was very thorough and updated regularly. Expectations and feedback were always clear and delivered in a timely manner.

Fall 2019

I learned a lot about literature and life. The professor did a great job of relating the content to our lives.

I learned a lot and really had to use my brain to analyze things.

Fall 2018

I liked the mix of talking about literature some days and talking about academic writing other days. I was challenged in this course every day.

Spring 2017

Very practical and applicable material. Instructor presented clearly and at a pace all could handle.

The professor was always available to answer questions, professional and kind.

In literature classes before, I always had a hard time writing a significant amount of cohesive analysis in essays. His class has helped a lot.

Spring 2016

I loved this class. We learnt about the culture of the language, and not just book knowledge.

¡Muchas gracias por tomar en cuenta nuestras opiniones!

Will definitely be taking more classes from this professor.

Spring 2015

Excellent choice of stories and plays to read.

It really refreshed the literary analysis skills I haven’t been taught since high school.

I’m glad I chose to take this class.

Fall 2014

The library workshops were invaluable.

Relatable instructor, made it easy to learn.

Complete freedom to discuss the materials and ask questions.

I truly enjoyed this class and learned the most from the questions of other students and the professor.

Spring 2014

I loved all the material covered in class. The discussions pushed us to think analytically. Wonderful professor, great class!

The instructor made us understand literacy more than we ever had.

My favorite Spanish class so far and it was a subject I wasn’t interested in, all because of your way of teaching. ¡Muchas gracias!

Very fun class.

The class was very instructive.

Fall 2013

The “bring a question to class – students are the teacher” idea is cool.

One of the best courses I’ve had so far.

A good mix of paper material and computer related instruction.

The university is lucky to have this instructor in the Spanish department.

Very well organized course.


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